Whether you work with, volunteer for, or help a cause you’re passionate about, there is no question that it will be rewarding. Philanthropy is an outlet for many to invest in for the great good. Some invest time, others invest money and it’s not rare to invest both. There is a great conception that philanthropy only involves charities and nonprofit organizations. However, that’s not the case.

Did you know that you can support causes you care about while grocery shopping, shopping at specific brands and also eating out at restaurants. If you’re out shopping for a new pair of shoes, a new tie or even a new outfit, why not purchase from a brand that’s giving back to a cause? Products and clothing are something you purchase often. Here are a select few brands that give back highlighted by Business Insider:

Cause Box is a subscription plan with the mission of “better products for a better world”. In a seasonal subscription box, you’ll receive literal gifts that give back. Although this subscription is only for women, it provides products for the socially conscious 4 times per year. In return, Cause Box helps provide meals, clean water and much more to those in need.

The Company Store is a bedding store that has a “buy one, give one” policy to help children in need. Whenever you purchase a mattress, a pillow, or other bedding, The Company Store donates one in return. Not only are you investing in products you will use on a daily basis, but you will ensure a child in need will receive the product as well.

Patagonia is a brand for the eco and environmentally conscious. They sell sustainable products such as clothing and accessories designed to be affordable. Although it seems like a small amount, 1% of their profit goes towards making the world a cleaner place.

STATE Bags like many others on list list have a “buy one, give one” policy. Founded by a husband and wife, the two were passionate about combating the crisis of education for Americans in highly underfunded neighborhoods. For every backpack that’s purchased, STATE Bags donates a fully stocked backpack to an American child in need.

TOMS began as a shoe company that slowly branched off to selling other items including sunglasses and backpacks too. Their “one for one” policy means that for every product purchased, TOMS will help a person in need. TOMS partners to donate shoes, help the blind gain sight, provide clean water and safe births, and even prevent bullying.

If you’re on the market for new products, consider purchasing from a company that gives back.